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Get a Goodnight Sleep with Essential Oils

While some might be tempted to excuse away their lack of sleep, depriving your body of sleep has a range of negative effects to your body. There are a variety of reasons for this, including a higher-stress modern society, electronics, and an increase in sleep related problems. There are many sleep aids on the market that promise to alleviate this issue, but many methods have unwanted side effects. One huge benefit of essential oils includes the impact they can have on sleep in a natural, balanced way.

Certain essential oils, or highly concentrated versions of natural oils found in plants, have been shown to help improve sleep quality. These fragrant oils can be experienced in a diffuser, or by placing a few drops on your pillow at night. Learn more about three essential oils that have been linked to better shut-eye.

Here in Gumdrop Australia, we have a specially curated essential oil that design for your goodnight sleep. Shop Sleep Well Essential Oil blend so you can relax and relieve mental tension aiding the onset of the sleep cycle. This calming blend of essential oils prepares the body and mind for a good night sleep, reducing the symptoms of mild insomnia by calming a busy mind when it’s finally time to rest.

Ingredients such as Lavender in our Sleep Well Blend is rich in linalool and linalyl acetate; both compounds have well-known relaxing properties.