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Witch Hazel Facial Treatment Toner - GumDropAus
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Witch Hazel Facial Treatment Toner

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Restore your skin’s radiance with this clarifying yet hydrating Witch Hazel Facial Treatment Toner. It gently and effectively removes surfaces impurities without stripping for more clarified, softer skin. 

Product Features: 

  • Available in sizes 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and 2.5LT Freshness Pouch
  • Natural Astringent 

Witch Hazel Facial Treatment Toner

Witch hazel is a natural remedy made from the bark and leaves of a plant called Hamamelis Virginiana. Long used in traditional medicine, witch hazel is usually applied topically in order to treat certain skin conditions. Witch hazel contains tannins, a type of natural compound with astringent effects.

The benefits of witch hazel for your skin: 

Wards off signs of aging

Witch Hazel may help fight premature aging: “Theoretically, witch hazel may have antioxidant effects that help mitigate and prevent free radical damage to skin from UV [rays] and oxidizing air pollution, Plus, its astringent properties can make your skin look firmer.

Tightens pores

“Witch hazel is a rich source of constricting compounds that make the proteins inside skin cells come together,The result? It temporarily makes your pores appear smaller.

Reduces inflammation

The natural tannins that witch hazel contains, may temporarily calm the appearance of red, irritated, or blotchy skin making it a handy product to have around when breakouts, insect bites, or sunburn are cramping your style.

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