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Energy Essential Oil Blend

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Feel uplifted and refreshed with a combination of energy boosting essential oils. Increase vitality and beat the 3pm slump.

10 ml glass bottles hold a blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils diluted in Hemp seed, Ricebran and Avocado oils and can be applied directly to the skin. For best results rub onto the soles of the feet, wrists and behind the ears forehead or into the palms of the hands and inhale.

Also use in a diffuser or add to a bath

Vegan & Organic

(Energy Blend)
Rosemary, Peppermint, Geranium
Energy blend provides a synergistic essential oil mix and is designed to help provide immediate comfort.

The blends have been carefully selected to deliver a therapeutic benefit and beautiful aroma.  
Use them in an oil burner, diffuser, bath or you can apply directly to the soles of your feet, temples, wrists.

How to use your essential oil:

Burner: add 5 drops to your electric or tealight candle vaporiser

Massage or body oil: add 5 drops to a carrier oil to use for massage, a customised body oil, or to treat ailments

Bath: add 3-5 drops to a full bath before immersing yourself in the warm water

Shower: Sprinkle 1-2 drops on your shower floor and let the scent wash over you

Inhalation: add 1-2 drops to a bowl of steaming hot water to clear sinuses and assist with cold and flu relief

Skin: essential oils can be applied directly to skin but please do a patch test as a precaution (a drop applied on the inner elbow just below the crease, or behind the ear) and look for any adverse respond before applying directly to the face or body