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Soy Wax Melt Large Waffles

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Large Waffle Wax Melts

7cm X 12cm
Highly Scented
Various Colours

Hand made and packed using 100% natural quality soy wax you will get a clean and crisp burn and the smell is sensational.
waffle melts are perfect for multiple uses.
Simple break your desired piece off and place into your wax melt burner.
They come in over 40 different fragrances and colours will vary depending on the scent you choose.

The colours they are made in are Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Black, Grey, Green, Red, Pink.

We scent all our melts in triple scent so they are strong smelling and lasting.

Simply snap of one piece and add to your burner and enjoy.

All our wax melts and candles are hand poured using the deluxe pure soy wax.