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Pink Candle And Wax Melt Box Set - Shower Steamer - Bath Bomb - Soap

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Box Set Includes Pink Candle Jar, XL Waffle Bath Bomb, Shower Steamer, Soap Bar, 2 X Snap Bar Wax Melt, Waffle Wax Melt And Chocolate Bar Wax Melt.

Please choose the scent you would like for the candles and wax melts from the drop down box. If you would like multiple different scents in your candle or melts please let us know,
Please message us if you have a preference on the scents for the following items otherwise we will add them to your box at random.

The Bath Bombs come in scents: Absinthe Crystal ( Pink and Purple ), Marc Jacobs Lola ( Blue And Green )

Shower Steamers come in scents :Sleepy Time, Me Time, Sinus Relief, Sweet Heart and uplifting

Goats Milk Soap Come in Scents: Wild Lavender, Salted Caramel, Bergamot Orange, Tropical Paradise, Raspberry Fizz, Banana Smoothie, Rose Champagne and Sweet Black berry.

We can do this set in a range of colours so please message us what colour you would like otherwise we will colour them at random.

The colours they are made in are Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Black, Grey, Green, Red, Pink.

We scent all our melts and candles in triple scent so they are strong smelling and long lasting.

All our wax melts and candles are hand poured by us in Melbourne using our deluxe soy wax.