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Chill Out Herbal Blend - GumDropAus

Chill Out Herbal Blend

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Mood enhancing
Full flavoured experience
Ideal as a tobacco replacement on its own
Hand packed 
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Hand blended and organic, this mix offers a little magic. 

 All of these blends can be brewed as a tea, smoked or vaped. 

1 X Chill out blend 20 grams

 All Herbs and blends have what is called a "reverse tolerance". Unlike with caffeine, tobacco, weed and other types that have a declining effect, so the more you use it builds up a tolerance to the substance, these herbs have the opposite effect. The first few times you use these blend, the effect is minimal, however after regular use over a week or so, they become much more noticeable. So with regular use it "kicks in" and then the effects are noticeable.



Either smoke it with a rollie paper, in a pipe or a vaporiser. You can grind it up with a grinding machine (mull) if you like but it tends to burn longer if you don't.

Use as a tea. 2 heaped teaspoon to a mug of Very hot (not boiling water then let it sit for 10 minutes. The longer you relax it the stronger it becomes up to around 20 minutes.


Damiana -

The relaxing effects of the Damiana plant is said to be similar to the initial relaxation of smoking marijuana, but Damiana is legal in most places. Damiana is believed to have an antidepressant effect. Damiana is often smoked or made into a tea in order to obtain a legal high similar to that of marijuana, but milder.


Scullcap - 

Scullcap appears to have been introduced into traditional American medicine toward the end of the 1700s, when it was promoted as an effective treatment for the management of hydrophobia (hence the derivation of one of its common names). It later was used as a tonic, particularly in proprietary remedies for “female weakness.” The plant had been reputed to be an herbal tranquilizer, particularly in combination with Valerian, but has fallen into disuse. Scullcap has traditionally been used to treat nervousness, irritability, and neuralgia, as well as for its sedative properties.


Passion Flower - 

May Help Reduce the Effects of Menopause, Including Hot Flashes & Depression.Reduces Inflammation, Lowers Blood Pressure, Reduce Anxiety, Addresses ADHD symptoms, Improves Sleep


    Catnip - 

    Catnip oil was found in a University Study to be 10 times as effective as Deet at repelling mosquitoes. 

    Catnip has a long history of use in herbal medicine. The leaves and flowering tops are strongly antispasmodic, antitussive, astringent, carminative, diaphoretic, slightly emmenagogue, refrigerant, sedative, slightly stimulant, and tonic. Catnip is used as an herbal remedy for treating disorders of the digestive system and, as it stimulates sweating, it is useful in reducing fevers. The fresh juice of Catnip Herb is used as an emmenagogue (to promote menstruation). Mild catnip tea is used to relieve colic in babies,


    • You must be over 18 to buy this product
    • No hazardous chemicals or pharmaceutical additives.
    • All of our ingredients are Organic as well as Kosher where possible.
    • This blend is not for use by pregnant or lactating women.
    • If you have a medical condition or on any medication, please consult with your doctor.
    • Intended for recreational use by responsible individuals.
    • Empower yourself by doing your own personal research.

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